Miranda and Washington made their way through the crowded garden, making light  conversation with anyone they knew even remotely. Over time, they had gotten used to galas like these, as they grew more prominent in the herbology community. Usually, they had gone quite smoothly, with little to no slip-ups. Usually. 

"I'm Washington Puckett, and this is the lovely Miranda Puckett," Washington said to another scientist the pair had come across, not registering his mistake until moments later. Miranda looked up at him with a raised eyebrow, rightfully confused, while he winced quite noticeably. Earlier that week, he went up to Massachusetts to visit her family, then purchased a ring shortly after, which he kept in his coat- just in case. The thought of marriage was still in the back of his mind, and now that thought was showing itself in a highly inconvenient moment. After the conversation fizzled a couple minutes later and they turned around, Miranda turned to face him.

"Miranda Puckett, hmm?" She inquired, her tone a mix of confusion and playfulness. Immediately, Washington's face reddened severely as he stuffed his hands in his coat pockets. He led her away from the masses, until they were all by themselves in front of a towering wall of flowers and ferns. "Er- well," He began, already tripping over his words. "I was thinking, you-you could be Miranda Puckett, if.. if you'd like..?" He trailed off, still not making his point clear enough for his girlfriend to understand. She blinked a few times, signaling for him to explain. "What I'm trying to say is," Washington continued, his fingers grasping at a small box in one of his pockets. He felt a surge of confidence as he tightened his grip around the box, then brought it out of his coat. After dropping onto one shaking knee, he looked up into her bright blue eyes, which were beginning to tear up as she finally started understanding him. "I'd like you.. to marry me," He said, quickly adding in a short "If you wouldn't mind." Miranda gave him a wide grin and a nod, then kissed him quite passionately as soon as he stood up and slipped the ring on her finger.

"So.. I'll take that as a yes?" He asked breathlessly after they broke apart.

"Of course, you big dork," She replied with a smile before leaning in again.