The sunlight gently illuminated the Paris hotel room, but to Nicolette, the pale rays felt like beams of fire.

   "Ugh, why'd it have to be so bright?," She complained to herself, as if complaining would magically make the sunlight less harsh. "Dearie me, what's this? Nicolette Beaumont, famed dancer and one of the Soleil house's most well-known alumni, hates the sunlight? The tabloids will go wild," Corbence playfully said, but as Nicolette rolled over in bed to call him a dork, (or something like that) something caught her eye. While her gaze traced the outline of her lover's neck and collarbone, she noticed something (it'd be hard to not notice)- pale, purplish splotches almost entirely covering his upper-chest. 

     Oh my god, did I do that? She thought to herself, staring at the bruises. "Is something wrong?" Corbence asked, which prompted Nicolette to gently touch one of the spots. "Oh, that?" He spoke casually, "You were quite the mouthy one last night, I'd say," He added teasingly, causing his fiancee to bury her head under the bright white sheets in an attempt to hide her blushing face.

   "Aw, don't worry about it, mon princesse, in all honesty, it's pretty hot, in my humble opinion," Corbence reassured her while pulling the sheets back down, only making her face turn a deeper shade of pink. After a moment of silence, Nicolette's weary eyes caught sight of the alarm clock sitting on the nightstand beside her. 8:27, exactly thirty-three minutes before they were supposed to be at a scheduled interview for Barvarder Magique, one of France's most popular magical talk shows. "Crap, crap, crap, crap," Nicolette mumbled to herself while rolling out of bed and changing into her outfit, which she'd thankfully planned the afternoon before. "You're gonna actually have to get up, you do know that, right?" She asked after sitting down in an armchair in the corner of the room, only recieving a tired groan in response. "It's like you're a vampire or something," She murmured, taking a sip from her cup of coffee. "Is that so? Because after this," Corbence said, pointing at his bruises with a sly smile, "I'd say you're more of a vampire than I am," He replied, which caused Nicolette to briefly choke on her drink. However, he did eventually get up and get dressed, which was nothing short of a miracle. After his sweater, which sported a considerably high neckline, was on, the pair headed out of the hotel room, down to the front lobby, and out to their taxi.

~skipping to the talk show bc i had to redo all of this and i dont have time to rewrite the entire thing lol~

   "Welcome back to Barvarder Magique, France's favorite wizarding variety show! I'm your host, Aceline Durand, and we have some very special guests with us today!" The interviewer cheerfully announced to the camera while gesturing to- you guessed it- Corbence and Nicolette. "Let's just get right into the questions, shall we?" She asked, though it was more of a statement than a question. Either way, they both gave a smile and a nod of approval, thus beginning the interview. "So first, I'd like to congratulate you on the engagement!" Aceline exclaimed, "How about we see the rock, Nicolette?" 

   Almost instantly, she lifted her hand up to show the audience her ring, a thin gold band with a teardrop-shaped diamond in the center- Nothing flashy, but she loved it all the same. "Beautiful! A lovely ring for a lovely couple," Aceline said, her tone sweet and excited. "Mhm," Corbence murmured before pressing a kiss onto the top of Nicolette's head. "For our next question, we'll be selecting a random, viewer-submitted question, so get ready!" Aceline said, continuing with the show. "And it is..." She said, pulling out a folded slip of paper out of a gilded bowl.

   "When will we be seeing a baby Beaumont-Molliere?" She finally asked, reading off the card. "I don't re-really know," Nicolette stuttered unsure of how to respond. "Probably a year or so after the wedding, so stay tuned, folks," Corbence replied nonchalantly, though his face mimicked a tomato as he smirked and gave her a nudge. "We'll be sure to stay tuned," Aceline replied with a wink and a wide smile. "And speaking of babymaking," She began, her grin almost doubling, "What's it like in the bedroom for you two, seeing as you're both quite athletic?" She asked, letting the room fall silent. 

   "Well, actually, I have some keepsakes, if you know what I mean," Corbence said, bringing his hand up to the neckline of his sweater and grabbing hold on the material. Oh. No. Was all Nicolette could really think as she watched his hand pull down on the sweater's collar, showing off the plethora of purple bruises in all their glory. Dear god, what have I done? She's going to divorce me and we aren't even married yet, Corbence thought to himself while watching his fiancee turn a lovely shade of fire-truck red. "Well, well, well, what do you have to say for yourself, Mademoiselle Beaumont?" Aceline teased, though Nicolette could only choke out a simple "No comment" in response as the audience went wild. 

   The questions (mainly about the wedding, and upcoming ballets) continued, and eventually she almost entirely recovered from what will forever be known as "The sweater-neckline-fiasco-extravaganza," yet her cheeks still remained a pale tint of pink. "Well, it was lovely having you both, thank you for joining us!" Aceline thanked the duo before turning to face the cameras, "And I'll see you all tomorrow on Barvarder Magique!" And with that, the interview was over. This is going to be one long taxi ride, Corbence thought to himself as he and Nicolette walked offstage, left the building, and entered their taxi. 

"So I should probably start by admitting that yes, showing my hickeys to a live studio audience and the world was not one of my finer ideas," He said after sitting down on the fake leather seat, only to be met with silence and a cold, blue eyes stare from Nicolette. After a minute or two of silence, their cab driver, an unassuming old lady, piped up. 

"I've been on this planet too long to not notice the sexual tension in this car, it's so thick you could cut it with a knife," The driver said, sounding surprisingly wise. "Ten euros and you can do whatever the hell you want back there," She offered. Her passengers made eye contact for a moment, then each pulled out a five euro note from their wallets and slid them to the front of the car. "There's more where that came from," Nicolette purred, her finger tracing Corbence's collarbone, "You just have to promise to keep it a secret." 

el fin