alternate title: has anyone seen nicolette's chill bc i haven't

     Well, now what? The thought bounced around Nicolette's mind as she stared at the device in her hand, biting her lower lip. In reality, it was nothing more than a pink stick with two lines in the center, but it meant so much more. Was she happy? Of course. Were they ready for a baby? Most likely, seeing as they'd been married a little over a year and a half- It's not like kids were out of the question, Corbence had said in an interview two years back that they'd probably have one soon. Would he be happy? Actually, yeah, most likely. But was the terrifying possibility of him being unhappy still an issue? Hell yeah.

 Nicolette knew that she'd have to tell him, it's not like she could keep things like these a secret. Hell, she couldn't even keep it a secret when she ate the last three cookies. They both were five minutes away from leaving to to a party to celebrate a successful set of ballet performances- They performed Swan Lake for the French Ministry of Magic and surprisingly, nothing went terribly wrong. As she kneeled in front of the the toilet, wearing her party dress, holding the test in her hands, she wanted nothing else but to just sleep and avoid everything for a solid week, but of course, life always manages to screw things over. 

"Are you almost ready to go, mon princesse?" Corbence called out from the bedroom- nothing in his tone was different, and Nicolette wished it could stay like that forever. But it couldn't, and in an instant, she thoroughly wrapped the tester in toilet paper, shoved it in the bottom of the trash can, and stood up. After washing her hands and walking out of the bathroom, (whilst desperately trying not to look suspicious) the pair headed out the front door. "You look quite spectacular tonight, Madam Beaumont-Molliere, if I do say so myself," Corbence said happily as they began their walk. "T-thanks," Nicolette responded with a slight stutter as they continured walking and eventually arrived at their destination- The mansion belonging to Annelise Bonnet, manager of the French Magical Ballet Company. They stepped inside, and were immediately greeted by their fellow dancers while they made their way into the huge, ornately decorated living room. Almost instantaneously, Nicolette felt a pair of arms wrap around her. "Guess who," Said the voice in a teasing tone. "Elle, I know that's you," She responded, giving a small giggle. "Damn, you're good at this," Elle replied with a friendly smirk. Although she wasn't technically in the ballet group, (the literal definition of unflexible) she hung around their practices and shows so often that she eventually became an unofficial member of sorts.

The night continued, and eventually the alcohol (™) was brought out, and drinks were served. "Nicolette, do you want any?" Asked Luc, one of Corbence's semi-close friends, who was gesturing to a bottle of champagne. "N-no thanks, I'm fine," She replied awkwardly, doing a truly awful job of acting normal. Across the room, she could see Elle squinting at her, quite confused. "Are you feeling alright, Nicolette? Either you're sick or pregnant," Luc lightheartedly suggested, laughing softly. "P-pff no, as if," She responded, which only caused Elle to look more intensely confused. After a few moments of eye contact, Nicolette watched her get up, champagne in hand, and walk over, eventually grabbing her wrist. "Hold on, what are you doing?" Nicolette protested as she was led off into the bathroom. "What's going on, Nicolette? I'm looking at the person who's said she'd bathe in champagne if it was hygenic, and you've been acting weird the whole night, something is definitely off here," Elle half-whispered, half-yelled as she closed the door behind them.

"Do you want the truth?" Nicolette asked exasperatedly, sitting on the tile floor. "Actually, yes, that's the point of me bringing you here," Her best friend replied, waiting a moment before guessing the answer to her own question.

 "Wait, Nicolette, are you pregnant?" "O-of course not, what would make you think that?" "Listen, I know you aren't exactly the virgin Mary, so there's that, and you aren't good at this whole 'playing it cool' thing." The room was silent for a solid minute before Nicolette spoke. "But how do I know he won't be upset?" She asked, sounding a bit pathetic. "Ok, well first of all, holy crap, I'm gonna be an auntie," Elle began, giving Nicolette a warm hug, which she begrudgingly accepted. "And second of all, there's absolutely no reason for Corbence to be upset. You're my best friend and I love you like a sister, but you're being ridiculous, he loves you more than anything and you know that," She reassured her. After a moment, a small smile formed on Nicolette's lips, and she stood up, gaining some confidence. "I guess you're right," She said softly, placing her hand on the doorknob and twisting it. "Of course I am," Elle replied cheerfully, watching Nicolette slowly walk out of the bathroom. "And call me tomorrow morning!" She called out as her best friend made her way down the corridor and back into the living room. 

 "Ready to go?" Asked Corbence with a small smile, who was already wearing his coat. Nicolette nodded, and they both left the extravagant manor after saying their goodbyes to their coworkers. While they walked home in the pale moonlight, Corbence stopped in front of a small building and turned to face her. 

 "Are you alright, Nicolette? You were acting pretty strange, especially when Luc asked if you were-" He began, but was cut off. "About that," Nicolette murmured quietly, looking at the ground. "Nicolette, are you?-" Corbence asked, getting a small nod in return. He looked surprised, if anything, but certainly not upset. The silence was torture to Nicolette, who teared up after a moment. "Is that bad?" She asked, her voice trembling. After realizing his near-blank expression was being taken the wrong way, his face immediately softened before breaking out into a wide smile, happily gazing into her blue eyes with his. "Are you kidding me? This is amazing!" He happily reassured her, drying her eyes with the sleeve of his coat before pulling her into his arms. "This is, by far, the best thing that's happened all year, and you know I wouldn't lie to you, Nicolette," He murmured, planting a kiss on her forehead in sheer bliss. 

"I love you," Nicolette said softly, resting her head on Corbence's shoulder.

"I love you too."


author's note: well that was a wild ride that turned into sappy hell at the end, thanks for joining me for another episode of purdy's writer's block, see u next week