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June 21

     "On three, let's say who it is, alright? Nothing to lose." Nicolette's words were soft and shy, yet a trace of hopefulness lingered. "Yeah, I suppose," Corbence nodded briefly, looking back up to her. Nicolette's own idea scared her a bit- what if he said someone else? Nevertheless, there was no point in turning back. "On three?" Corbence asked. "Yeah, on three," She said in a voice that, contrary to her earlier statement, had everything to lose. Her dignity, her fun evening, what was left of her makeup... But no matter, a couple more tears wouldn't make that much of a difference.

     "One, two, three! You-" She blurted out, immediately closing her eyes as if trying to brace herself. 

     "Marie Lefebvre- Oh god-" Corbence whisper-shouted in response, immediately realizing the- although unintentional- awful thing he'd done. "I'm so, so sorry Nicolette, I've just always thought of you as a little sister or a really good friend," He said, feeling like complete and utter crap. 

    "No, don't worry about it, it's fine, I promise." Nicolette forced a pained smile, her blue eyes watering as she felt her heart breaking. "I'll just go, I really do wish you the best of luck with Marie," She told him, still smiling as she wiped a way a salty tear. The girl stood up and rushed off, burying her face in her hands just as she did earlier. "I'm sorry," Corbence murmured as he watched his friend- but nothing more- walked away. 

Morning of June 22

     "Nicolette, what's wrong? We saw you crying in the common room last night," Asked a girl sitting next to Nicolette at breakfast. "Nothing, absolutely nothing," She replied dryly, boredly swirling her spoon in her oatmeal before looking up at the back of her unrequited love's head for what must have been the twentieth time that morning. "Alright, if you say so," The girl trailed off while turning to talk to a friend. 

Noon, June 26- All students leave Beauxbatons 

     "So, Marie," Corbence began as his crush absentmindedly twirled her hair, only looking up after his words. "I was thinking, maybe you'd want to go out sometime?" His question was tinged with curiosity, but his voice was lacking true passion. "Can't, sorry." Marie replied in not exactly one of the politest of tones- But then again, it didn't really matter, he didn't really care. "Alright, see you next year, I guess," Corbence said, spinning on his heels and shrugging internally while walking off.

     A pang of sadness hit him as he glanced up at Nicolette, who was clearly being comforted by a gaggle of teenage girls. Hell, he barely gave a crap about being turned down by Marie, he just felt awful about making Nicolette so upset. But they were just friends, and as much as he felt bad, Corbence just didn't feel the same way... Right? Although, Nicolette's poetically agonized smiles and pale blue eyes brought out some primitive emotion in the boy that Marie Lefebvre could just simply not compare to. Either way, he'd have all summer to think about his predicament and honestly, he needed all the time he could get.

September 21- Welcoming dinner

Nicolette sat down in her usual location at the Soleil table, eagerly talking to the freshly sorted first years sitting across from her. Talking to the younger ones took her mind off of Corbence and the chain reaction of crappy events that occurred last year- Though she felt more at peace with the knowledge he'd never feel the same, she kept her makeup light, just in case. Speaking- er- thinking of Corbence, where was he, anyways? Her powder blue gaze fluttered around the room, a hound following a scent. They made eye contact immediately, and although Nicolette immediately turned her head, she could hear the boy's chair being pushed back and saw him walking towards her with her peripheral vision. 

"Nicolette, I've been thinking," He started, his voice as shaky as his hand which was placed on her shoulder, "I was wrong, about all of this, really. I don't have the exact words to say it but-" He cut himself off by putting his hand on the back of the girl's head and leaning in for a kiss- It was sweet and pure, yet full of pent up passion and yearning. 

"That was incredibly overdue," Corbence stated as the pair broke apart. 

"I'd say," Nicolette replied with a smile full of sunshine, her heart now swooning instead aching like it had been for months.