Jack had just discovered the fourth D of apparition- desparation. As in, he was desparately trying to remember how to apparate correctly- a task he hadn't successfully completed since he was seventeen. With his wand in his hand he focused intensely on the wooden structure situated in the woods behind Tally's parents' house, specifically built for her to safely transform every full moon. Unfortunately, he didn't exactly specify in his mind where in the building he wanted to apparate to, and promptly ended up inside, face-to-face with a werewolf.

 Tally let out an agonized bark at the sight of him, as if pleading for him to go away, to not see her like this. She'd taken her wolfsbane potion beforehand, per usual, but that also meant every thought was still trapped in her mind, and every word she tried to form got caught in her throat and came out as an animalistic yelp. Her bright blue eyes, although surrounded by fur, were so painfully human, a sad reminder that lycanthropy was very much a part of her. Upon seeing her in such distress, Jack's heart ached for Tally. As the light of dawn began to pour in through the building's sole window, he began to see more and more of the girl he loved so dearly.

   Once she was fully human, Tally dropped to the floor and held her head in her hands. Her voice, although shaky and a tad bit squeaky, was at least mostly understandable. "I'm a monster," She sobbed, repeating those three words a couple of times, "A disgusting, hideous, dangerous monster." Jack gently pushed a lock of sweat-soaked hair away from her eyes, then raised a hand to her freckled cheek to wipe off her tears. "You're not a monster, Tally," He replied softly. "You may be different, but that certainly doesn't mean you're not amazing and smart and talented and drop-dead gorgeous," He added, now holding her in his arms. "You're my favorite person in the world, I mean it, and one night a month can't change that." Jack's words brought a hint of a smile to Tally's face- He was the first person to actually acknowledge her condition rather than try to ignore it. Although her parents meant well, they always tried to tell her that she was just like everybody else. She knew that was a lie, she wasn't stupid- What she really wanted was for someone to tell her that her differences didn't make her a bad person, and that's exactly what Jack did. 

   "I love you," She murmured in response, resting her head in the crook of his neck. "I love you too," He replied now wearing a silly grin, "Also, I was wondering how getting Chinese takeaway and staying in bed all day sounds to you." The small smile on Tally's face widened significantly before she gave him an answer. "Sounds great."