i got a lil too bored and im a creature of sin as u know

 "She's a good girl," Tally heard Jack say to one of his quidditch teammates after a practice, not realizing the 'good girl' in question was just around the corner. Although he didn't mean any harm, Tally knew that bit, his words prompted her to reevaluate some aspects of her personality over the next few days. Did he really think she was so innocent, that she wasn't capable of living a little? Was she even so sure she wasn't just a goody-two-shoes? She'd have to prove him- and herself- wrong. 


 "I'm home!" Jack announced quite loudly upon entering the pair's flat, knitting his brows when he didn't get a response. She must be asleep, he decided after a moment of contemplation, then made his way towards the bedroom, ready to give his beloved a kiss on the cheek or tuck her in- Y'know, something wholesome. What he saw was wildly different from what he expected. Sitting on the bed was Tally, in her bra and underwear, her face flushed. She batted her eyelashes when they first made eye contact, then stood up and greeted him with a sloppy kiss on the neck that ended up trailing down to just below his collarbone. Jack, although he was thoroughly surprised by her sudden change in behavior, certainly wasn't complaining. He let out a mildly confused "...Oh?" when she grabbed the fabric of his shirt and gently pushed him onto the bed. She climbed up after him, then straddled him and pulled his shirt off painfully slowly. A devilish grin spread on her face as she watched him bite his lip, any harder and he might've broken the skin. "Jack?" She purred, placing a hand on his bare chest, tracing meaningless patterns with her finger. "Yes?" He choked out, letting his hands drift to her hips. "I don't think I wanna be a good girl anymore." Jack smirked and slid his hands over to the small of her back. "I think I can help with that."